Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Plans, Changed Again

I remember the saying that if you want to make God laugh, just tell him (or her) of your plans. I told my kids that often enough when they were growing up. I certainly should have remembered this myself. Sigh.... Well, my plans have changed again.

I am not going home by boat or ship as it would cost a great deal and I would be going in very cold weather and would have to stay holed up in my cabin anyhow. So, that plan is out the porthole. Second, Korean Immigration has canceled my VISA as of October 9th. I am not ready to leave by then. If I leave the country and come back in, I can get my VISA renewed for three months. That is the plan. I don't want to go to China or Russia since I think I need a VISA to get into those countries; however I don't need a VISA to get into Japan. I made a reservation to go to Fukuoka, Japan by ferry from Busan, Korea and then to return on the same day. I will spend four hours there in Japan.

I will be leaving Korea the first week of December or at least then is when I want to. If not, I will have to go back to Japan and get my VISA renewed for another 90 days. I will be running into winter and there is another monsoon in winter.

I am looking forward to going home. It is hard moving around a country where the main language is one you don't speak. It will be nice to be in a country that I can even go to the store and ask for anything I want from any salesclerk. I am also looking forward to buying books in English, and seeing my family. One of the first things I will buy is a newspaper in English when I get back to the USA. I watch the news on the Internet but having an actual newspaper in my hand is something I have missed very much.

All of this is my plans. Sigh....

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