Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oh no!

I came bouncing in to meet my new doctor at the VA.  They change them as each of them are residents but are supervised by the same doctors.  I also came back from my cat scan and said to him that everything is fine with me and I assumed that everything is well in the cat scan.  He looked up and just said," no".  I was stunned.  Not again.  Cancer can't be back.  It's back.   

All of the doctors started to come into the room and talk with me.  It was a small spot in the top lobe of my right lung, easily removed but only by doing the same operation I had done on my lungs a year ago. It is small enough so I won't lose another lobe.   I would have the same team which is good because I do trust them.  I got the date I would have the surgery, November 16.  When the slow moving VA system suddenly speeds up and I find myself on a fast track I know it is because I have a serious health issue.  I am on that fast track now. 

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