Friday, February 19, 2010

Current world

When I started this blog, I wanted to get ready to do something this summer and it has been considerably earlier that I have been doing things that are very different and exciting. I have not been writing about it as it is still happening. I have been offered a position as a visiting professor at a national university with an excellent reputation. I have submitted all of the necessary information and credentials and am awaiting final clearance. It is in another country. My family is in favor of the chance of working with some fine students. Right now I am just waiting. I will still need to get a VISA and will after the university gives me the necessary number and then I will fly down to Los Angeles to the consulate there. I have a relative there that I will stay with. Then I will fly out of there to the university. They are providing me a place to stay.

A few years ago, I had trouble getting out of the house. Now I am considering living in another country for at least one semester if not longer. There is no guarantee that I am going. My agent says I have a 95 percent chance of going. The waiting is killing me. I will be teaching English full time.

I am more active than I have been and continue getting ready as if I am going. I ordered a new pair of glasses today. If I don't go, I will be doing things a bit different around my house which is good. All I can do right now is wait.

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