Thursday, October 20, 2011

I am back

I am out of extended care and it is wonderful being home. I was in a wonderful place after being in the Portland VA Hospital. The care at the hospital was good although some of the nursing staff had trouble understanding that it was my recovery and not theirs. The food at the hospital also helped me lose weight for I just could not eat it. One percent milk is very dismal for me although I drank it along with the coffee because as my mother always said, I have a great imagination. It is good to be home drinking my own coffee again.

The extended care facility had trouble with gluten free but they learned and everything was fine. The food was so much better there than the hospital. I lost less weight there. I am still overweight so I am not worried. The staff at the facility could not be more friendlier and helpful. I bought some more night gowns from a catalog that they had. At first, they put me in a room with another woman which was fine except she watched TV all of the time. After a while, I was going to go home because I could not sleep at night. I also learned what a waste land daytime TV is. They moved me to a room of my own and it was wonderful since it was a quiet part of the facility. Finally, my phone charger came from my son and I was able to listen to music off my phone using earphones. The view from the window was wonderful. I had my books and I was happy.

I am still not done with surgery, but the worst is over. I still need to lose half of my thyroid. I am on over the counter pain meds now. Before my stitches were taken out, I had to have some heavy duty medications. I don't need them and haven't since coming home. Again, it is so good to be home.

There are some problems at the Portland VA Hospital, but the doctors were great. The care facility was also a great place to recuperate.

TV watchers and non-TV watchers should never be placed in the same room. Staff members were sneaking in there at 2 AM to turn off the TV and I was in the lobby trying to get some sleep. Again, they tried to get special earphones for the lady but she would not use them as she said they hurt her ears. It did not take long for the facility to move me. I am very glad of that.

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