Monday, October 31, 2011

Pain and being tired

I am getting better but I still feel tired when I go out to do some shopping. I also feel pain around my incision although not as much as I did a week ago. It is evident at least to my mind that I am having trouble moving around but some people really enjoy giving me a hard time and many others help me out. I have to move slowly. Some sales clerk at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore really was rude to me today. Needless to say, I will not be renewing my membership in January but it isn't because of her cold and impolite behavior. I just don't shop there anymore as I did in Redding, California. I shop far more at Powell's. I was there to buy a journal as Barnes and Noble have a better selection than Powell's.

I went to Grocery Outlet to get some needed supplies and there were no problems at all. I asked the clerk to find out if they had something for sure instead of guessing because I just could not hop around the store like I used to do before. They ran around for me and looked in the places they usually stocked certain things to tell me whether or not they had it. I was very grateful.

I got a land line telephone yesterday and except for a collection agency who is calling for someone I never heard of before, it is wonderful having the telephone. I called them back and they promised to stop calling after today. I have never been late paying my bills and never had an agency call five or more times per day. I had no idea they did things like that. I can't imagine such behavior would make people pay their bills sooner. I would think it would make people file bankruptcy. If I did not give out my new number, I would have asked for a new number.

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