Thursday, August 23, 2012

Last of the Bread

I am on my way to a juice fast but am eating the last of the food in my pantry.  This morning, I ate the last two pieces of toast.  I am gluten free and bread is very expensive for me.  I was given three loaves of gluten free bread from the New Cascadia Traditional Bakery here in Portland. It is ironic that I am on the cusp of going bread free that I discovered a great gluten free bread, but it is the way I have decided to go. 

When I was eating gluten (I was not aware at the time that I had celiac disease), I often ate white bread.  My favorite breakfast was toast, orange juice and coffee with half and half.  I am no longer drinking coffee or having any milk related foods.  I can't image the amount of pesticides that went with my breakfasts.  Now, that I do, I avoid it. 

Bread is a convenient food.  You can toast it and put all sorts of things on it. My favorite was butter with some berry preserves.  I still eat berries but I juice them now.  When I was in the hospital, they gave me gluten free food and two slices of gluten free bread.  They never toasted it.  No matter how good the gluten free bread is, it always tastes like cement UNLESS you toast it.  Still it was so handy to put something on it and slap another piece of toast on it.   This morning it was very sad to see the last of the bread on my plate as I will not be eating any sort of starch until after the juice fast which will last as long as it takes to drop the excess weight that I am carrying. 

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