Sunday, March 7, 2010

Los Angeles

I took the Amtrak train to Los Angeles and it was great. I met some very interesting people and saw one dolphin and some seals in the ocean. It was also raining when we got into the mountains. It gave the mountains a very soft and dreamy look like a watercolar painting.

We went by this large men's prison and a line of prisoners just stood there and watched the train go by, hand and arms down by their sides without moving. The train track is higher than the prison so we could look down into the prison yard. It was very sad to me.

I am staying in Culver City and in a house high above the city. Because of recent rain storms, you can see the surrounding mountains and they are covered with snow. It is quite beautiful.

Today as a treat, we went to Los Angeles Zoo and saw some animals in cages and a very nice chimpanese cage. Then we went to Denny's for lunch, but someone from India who could not read English opened the exit door and the alarm went off and it got very cold in there. It was cold in LA as it is. Still, we all had a nice time. There was some Korean students with us.

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