Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I have received two messages and I am sorry to say I can't figure out how to answer them. I will say that my English classes are going well. Everyone at my university are trying so hard to make me feel welcomed. I have two classes and one special student. They are great.

I live in two cities which is hard right now. I also can't get paid because I don't have a bank account and I can't get a bank account because I don't have a resident alien card. I can't get a resident card because I could not complete the physical in order to get the resident card. I did that yesterday and all I am waiting for is the results of the blood work which I should pass.

Although I am running around, I feel great. I am losing weight. I am learning a new language and meeting new people. I am hoping to get paid soon. Things seem to be working out in the US regarding my house although my cat got out for one week and it was the one that was not fixed. I explained to my son that Mary Russell needs to be fixed right away now. Having kittens is not a possibility right now and I doubt if child support is a possibility(joke).

Getting to a computer that has Internet is not always easy. This university is on a green policy which means it is very cold inside the buildings and I have my gloves on and it is hard to type with them one.

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