Sunday, July 11, 2010

Caffeine, etc.

Because I can't buy diet carbonated drinks that are caffeine-free, I have stepped up my consumption of caffeine and have been waking up with a caffeine withdrawal headache. Normally, I drink only one cup of caffeinated coffee a day. Now, I find that is not sufficient. I have found a good place to buy diet Coke but it is caffeinated. So, I have been keeping the bottles and refilling them with water and putting them in the freezer. My refrigerator does not stay cold enough to freeze the water in the bottles to ice but keeps them very cold and a treat to drink on these very hot days here in Korea.

My son in the USA is sending me some artificial sweetener which I can't buy here in Korea and I will be making my own drinks that are caffeine free with some fruit. I know I have written about this lack of artificial sweetener before in these posts. I am not sure why this is the case here, but it is a real hardship for those of us who want to cut down the amount of sugar we drink and/or eat. There are plenty of products in the supermarket that contain sugar such as a huge array of juices far more than I remember in the US and one can buy even hamburger patties that have sugar added to them. The only condensed milk that I can find also have a lot of sugar added to the product. I had to throw mine away. The candy and cookie aisle of the stores are huge. Luckily I am not tempted. I never buy them.

My weight has not changed for about three weeks although I have been exercising. I am disappointed, so I am looking at ways to cut down what I am eating. I used to eat less when I had less money to spend. I don't eat as much Korean food as I used to since I don't fix it here at home. I am going to look at the ways I have been eating here. I used to eat just one meal a day and I have noticed I am eating two now. Cutting down on caffeine is one of the things I am doing now.

All and all I am enjoying my time in Korea. I am getting to know more people and even went to church yesterday although I am not a Christian. The service was conducted in English. I had a great time. I went to dinner with several members afterward to a Vietnamese restaurant and the food was outstanding and very healthy.

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