Monday, June 28, 2010

Too Much Stuff

My son called me from my house in Northern California and told me that they were putting in a new air conditioning system. My other son was using the old system and it finally bit the dust. I was surprised because I never used it anyhow. I had air conditioning for each room and used them when I was in the room. Since he has a larger family, that was not possible. The big system finally went out and they were putting in a new system.

Then they told me something else that horrified me. They took a whole truck load of books out of the house. I had a huge collection of books. I loved my books. I was proud of my books. There is still a lot left, but many of them are gone and were taken to either second hand book stores or to the library. They screened them to make sure they were not first editions or out of print books.

Since coming to Korea, I have noticed that I live with a lot less stuff. Many books are in the collections on the Internet. Some are in my Sony Reader. Most of the books, I don't read anymore. I just like to keep them around and they have been gathering dust. Since coming here, my allergies have not been bothering me. I could not have taken those books with me when it was my time to go. What is happening now would have happened after I made my final exit anyhow.

There is a lot more room in my house. I have gotten rid of my clothes. Now, the books have been disappearing. I still would get books that I want to read, but if I am not going to read them right away I won't get them. If I am not going to wear my clothes right away, I won't buy them. I still have two pairs of large jeans I can't wear anymore here in Korea that I don't have the courage to throw them away. (I was able to get belts for them and now I wear them.)

Being healthy means using what you have and not piling stuff around you that you don't need. It's like a rich man with a large vault of gold he never spends. I knew a woman who had a huge number of shoes she never wore. You can only wear one pair at a time, drive one car at a time, sleep in one bed at a time and so on. Healthy is not the body alone but the head too.

But I am still going to miss the books.

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