Thursday, September 22, 2011

Getting Ready

I have been getting ready for my surgery. It has not been easy, and I still have lots to do. I have my mail forwarded to my mail box. I have been trying to do all of my wash. I have been trying to get my "Healthy Veterans" program going so I will know what my current appointments are because my mail is somewhere in limbo because of the mail change. I have arranged for a friend to pay my rent on time and gave him my rent checks. I can't use my banking on line services because I could be late and that is a 75 dollar charge. I am trying to eat all of the food in the house that is perishable. I have gotten books to read and my radio on line changed so I can listen to it on my android phone. I have my ear buds so I can block television sound should that be necessary. I hate television and never listen to it except for some news programs such as PBS. I am severely limited to how much I can listen to it anyhow. I have returned all library books and DVD's.

I am scared to death, but the surgery must go on. Usually, I have been rushed into surgery on a emergency basis. This is the first time I am not. Still, I don't know what they will find. I won't be able to blog as I won't have my lap top. Then when I am done with the lungs and fully recovered, I will then have surgery for my thyroid and lose half of it as well. Hopefully, by the end of the year all will be done and resolved. I will be home recovering and getting ready for 2012.

Three-Legged Blues

by Jane Hirshfield

Always you were given
one too many, one too few.
What almost happens, doesn't.
What might be lost, you'll lose.
The crows will eat your garden.
Weeds will get what's left.
Your cats will be three-legged,
your house's mice be blessed.
One friend will take your husband,
another wear your dress.
No, it isn't what you wanted.
It isn't what you'd choose.
Your floors have always slanted.
Your roof has paid its dues.
Life delivered you a present—
a too-small pair of shoes.
What almost happened, won't now.
What can be lost, you'll lose.

"Three-Legged Blues" by Jane Hirshfield, from Come, Thief. © Alfred A. Knopf, 2011. Reprinted without permission but hoping it will be excused.

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