Friday, September 2, 2011

Beautiful Day

I looked out the windows of my place and thought how beautiful it looked. Autumn is definitely in the air and I thought with the breezes and the falling leaves it was fun to watch the passing of a late summer day. Children and adults with their swimming suits were going up and down the stairs in the distance on their way to the apartment complex swimming pool. Luckily, it is heated for it never got above 70 degrees F. here.

I got a call from the Veterans Hospital in response to my phone call for information about my phone call asking for results about my needle biopsy of my thyroid. No cancer cells were found but the radiology doctor said that this result was not a guarantee that I do not have cancer. They would have to take out half of the thyroid that has the mass and do a study of it to know for sure. I asked if it isn't do they put it back and she said no. I knew the answer, but I agreed with her recommendation that it needs to come out. I have been getting cancer since my discharge from the military. I have no health issues except for the small cancer in my lung. Maybe they could do both at once.

Looking at this day, it is full of life. It is full of the promise of a longer life than this year alone. I have a feeling I will survive this particular trial. Someday, I will run out of track. I have my fingers crossed. I stopped trying to control what is going to happen each day and just take it one day at a time and let what happens, happen. I have a close relationship with my Spiritual Center and nothing will change that, not even death. I have been dead before as we all have been before we were born. I can do it again.

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