Saturday, September 22, 2012

Blood Free

I am finally free of the blood after my stretching accident.  I am back to juicing.  I also have been drinking smoothies that I create for myself in my blender.  Before summer, I went to Value Village on senior day and found a brand new blender for 7 bucks and then I got 40 percent off.  It is the best blender I have ever used.  I especially like the blender container which is glass.

In juicing and making smoothies, there are several things those two ways of drinking one's meals have in common.  First, they  encourage raw fruits and vegetables and second, they encourage organic.  If one does not have the money for a juicer (I got mine off the Amazon for 44 bucks), then a blender does well.  I use both.  I like blenders because it is so much easier to clean and second, I get the entire fruit or vegetables and that contains fiber.  The juicer takes out the stuff one does not digest anyhow.  Still, I like both.  I have books that I have bought that have great recipes and hints.  I also get a lot of information and recipes off the Internet.  There is a lot of those sites for both juicing and blending(green smoothies).  I do recommend that one use the recipes because I have heard from others that when they try to make their own, they taste awful.  I have found that the tastes of both the juices and smoothies taste great. 

I have an exercise plan that I got from a physical therapist from the hospital where I go.  I am not doing it right now because of my recent injury.  I still find walking to be the best exercise and not boring.  I still don't incorporate exercises that well into my life activities.  

I get a lot of exercise from the trips I take with other seniors from the center.  It is all walking.  There is the Riders' Club that I take every month, but it is only once or twice a month.  The trips incorporate the public transportation system and Trimet gives us free tickets to participate in these trips.  After the activity that was planned, we often try different restaurants in the area.  All are low cost and for me, have a gluten free menu. The last trip I went on was this last Thursday.  It was a trip to the Portland Art Museum for a lecture and a tour of some exhibit.  Again, because of my age, there is no cost for any of it. Then we went to a terrific Asian restaurant that had daily specials for $6.95 and it could be ordered gluten free.  I had a meal with a side of rice.  It was a sauces with pineapple, tomatoes and other vegetables and some chicken.  It was very delicious.  

I journal every morning as part of my meditations.  I am reading THE ARTIST'S WAY by Julia Cameron and it is useful in unlocking the creative energies which is in everyone.  She wrote that the morning pages are essential for getting a focus on where life is leading us.I have been doing it for years but it is helping me with the issues that have come up with my new eating plan. 

Writing is an adventure or it helps to put excitement in my explorations.  It is not for everyone, but it works for me.  I have been discouraged over the years in this but I have learned to disregard these "crazymakers" attempts to dissuade me from writing and examining my environment both the inner and outer worlds.  To be honest, age has given me the courage to ignore everyone unless it is something that I think will help me enjoy life more.  Lots of good things happen in my senior age and some not so good such as not having the ability to absorb minor incidents such as what happened to be a few days ago.  I like my age although I would not have had any choice anyhow since the alternative is something I would rather not do as yet.

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