Thursday, September 6, 2012

More Surprises

Every since I started the juicing program, I have had surprises.  Currently, I now have softer skin.  Again, I was not expecting this and it is a nice especially for this senior citizen.  My energy level continues to grow.  I read the articles about the study that showed organic food is not healthier than regular food.  Well, Stanford is crazy.  Not having the pesticides and other chemicals in my body has done me wonders.

Sometimes, I get hungry and one juice that always turns off the hunger wars in my system is a few oranges and carrots, usually two or more.  I just go it by ear or taste buds.  If the orange is large then I use one.  If they are on the smallest side, I use two.  If I am a raging dragon of hunger, I use more too.  I use the same measurements for carrots.  It does the trick every time. 

Maybe, I am discovering the real reason for eating in the first place and that is to nurture my physical body.  I drank coffee because I felt a part of the human race.  I have been consuming the advertizing that goes with different foods.  I drank tea because it felt as if I was part of a British tea party.  I am a bit of a Anglophile so I felt comfortable with the mystique of a pot of tea.  I drank carbonated drinks such as Pepsi and Coke because I felt part of the younger crowd.  I was a member of the band, so to speak, of others around the nation and world.  I don't even watch television much and yet I had all of those advertisements in my mind.  To be honest, that sucks.

Organic produce is expensive, however when I went to the doctor yesterday, the nurse took my blood pressure only once.  Generally, when your blood pressure is a bit high, they take it again.  I usually have it taken more than once.  My blood sugar measured 99 in my last blood work.  I started having a level of 145 which classified me as a diabetic.  The last time it was measured, the level has been 110.  I tried to tell people at the hospital that I don't think I am a diabetic but to no avail. (Have you noticed that when you say anything to a medical provider, they automatically discount what you say.  The program, House, doesn't help when House says everyone lies.  I think no one believes you because it makes their job easier if everyone is put into little boxes of expectations-theirs not yours.)

I was not weighed and I am glad as I am no longer weighing myself in the morning or any other time.  I have been losing, but I get a little antsy if I don't show some loss everyday.

I have been making an effort to dress better than I have been doing in the past.  I used to wear sweat pants and a tee-shirt when I went out to places.  Now, I still wear them around the house, but I make an effort to be more attentive to my appearance when I go out.   I have doctors' appointments a few times a month and I go out on trips with the seniors.  I don't get to take all of the trips that are offered because they fill up quickly.  I missed going to see a lighthouse on the coast this month because it filled up before I could sign up.  I always get a lot of exercise when I go out with the seniors.  This month I am going to the Portland Art Museum and some sort of Spaghetti Factory. They always go by public transportation so I also learn how to use it.  There is no cost to the seniors on these trips except what we buy for lunch. 

My doctor does not approve of my juicing.  I think she did not know what juicing is all about.  She is a resident doctor who will be around for a short time.  I am hoping I get someone who is more knowledgeable next time.  I remember a time when none of my doctors knew anything about celiac disease.  Now, they do. In the meantime, I am continuing on my juicing adventure and fine tuning it as I go along.   

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