Sunday, September 2, 2012

New Taste Buds

I am eating one meal a day although smaller than past meals.  I juice the rest of the time.  What I have been discovering is that I am able to create my own juices instead of depending on the recipes that are in several books on juicing.  They turned out surprisingly well.  I also discovered my taste buds and to depend on them to find new and novel ways of juicing.

The other day I went to Grocery Outlet and found coconut milk as well as almond milk for one third the price.  Both were gluten free as well as organic.  I have never drank neither one of these juices before.  I bought one each and took them home.  My first glass of coconut milk was surprisingly thick and creamy and this is a drink with only 45 calories a glass.  I thought it was a bit bland, so I added an envelope of stevia (made from the stevia leaf).  I had run out of sugar and bought stevia after looking at descriptions of it on line.  It seems pretty safe and is not created in a laboratory.  I tried another glass and it tasted like a vanilla shake.  Well, I went out today and bought some Naked Juice on sale.  I added a small portion of the Naked Juice, Berry Blast, and it was a raspberry shake.  I now know if I get too hungry, I can have a shake without breaking my juicing program.

For dinner, I bought an organic onion and coated with corn flour that I had left over and fried it in olive oil, again left over from my supplies.  It was wonderful, like onion rings and I have not eaten onion rings for many years because I cannot eat gluten.  I used the onion rings for a meal and cut up the entire onion.

I still have some gluten free pasta left in the pantry and will be cooking them up for my one meal starting tomorrow.  I had some tomato sauce in the larder and will be using that as well.What is amazing is that I am satisfied with the meals so far.  I am eating what I want to eat and not what seems to be a great meal.  I was driving around Portland today and drank a bottle of Naked Juice instead of eating and it tasted good. Naked Juice is an acceptable alternative to juicing when you can't juice.  There is no sugar added and it is relatively organic. 

I am loaded down with watermelon and oranges and they are terrific to juice.  It is a gourmet meal in a glass. They are all organic except one of the watermelons (I bought two of them).  If the skin is thick, it is possible to eat regular produce.  I am staying away from the cantelopes right now because of the salmonella scare. There is another threat with mangoes from Mexico.  I haven't figured out exactly where my mangoes are with the possible exception of some I bought in an organic market.  They issued a bulletin stating their mangoes are not from the farms listed on the governmental alert.

When I was overeating, I don't think I paid as much attention to the tastes as I do now.  All of the produce that I juice are mostly organic and raw.  There is plenty of taste.  I don't add any sweetener to the juice although some recipes recommend stivia.  I find that I don't need to.  The juice is better than anything I ever bought from the supermarket and a lot more healthier.  When I eat my one meal of the day, I savor it greatly.  What is ironic is I am not having any trouble with being hungry.  Whenever I am hungry, I juice or drink my coconut "shake".  I would never have predicted this.  Life really is an adventure.

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