Saturday, December 5, 2009


I have not been putting down my weight because it has not been changing. It has not been going up which I suppose is good, but it has not been going down. It just stays there mocking me, and I am going to say challenging me. I know I said I did not want to start this quest just to lose weight but damn I am overweight by over 100 pounds. I really need to lose.

I am exercising. My blood pressure is down. My sugar level is down or at least some of the time. That is good. My clothes are looser. But the dial on the scale at the clinic stays the same. I know I could eat less. I know I can eat healthier than I have of late. I do put everything down. I am just going to try harder. I went a bit crazy today. I ate some cookies. There is ice cream in the house that I did not touch. I went walking at the lake. I do more housework.

I will just try harder and it is working. I just have to cut myself more slack; and of course I have to be more mindful. The key is always being mindful.

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