Friday, July 15, 2011

Wrong Size of Sheets

Since I have moved to Portland, Oregon, I have had to depend on just a few belongings and what fitted on the back of a pickup truck. It wasn't very much. I had a large apartment and my son went home with his truck. I have a small compact car. I had to depend on second hand stores which luckily are great here in Portland. I have more than enough to live on, but I had to buy everything from scratch, more or less.

One of the things I needed to buy was sheets for my bed. I had one set and no washer or dryer in my apartment. At Value Village second hand store, they have a color tag that is 50 percent off each day they are open. To stretch my dollar I use that option more than I use the 25 percent off for seniors on Wednesday. I bought a set of sheets for my bed that were brand new that were gold. To be honest, the color was beautiful and the quality was exceptionally nice, much nicer than I usually can buy brand new. Then I tried them on at home after I washed them. Oh oh. They were the wrong size. That is why some store gave the sheets to Value Village. I tried to fit them on my bed and the sheets would not stay put.

Since finding out that I may not be staying in this life for long, I stopped trying to make this purchase for three bucks and just tossed them. It wasn't worth it. I was trying so hard to make things work. I had to ask myself if it was really worth it and it wasn't.

I am beginning to ask myself more in earnest what is important and what isn't. I went to a ,murder mystery club last night. This was the second time. I really like the people in it but the employee from the book store who runs it does not like me very much. I caught onto that last time and it did bother me. This time, I didn't really care. I don't really know her at all and have no idea why she dislikes me. It isn't important to me. The book group is important to me and I will continue. We have never exchanged names and so I have total freedom and I like that. I think the members are wonderful judges of the books we have read so far. If the employee has a problem with me, it does not take away from my pleasure of the group.

Hmm. I seemed to have changed a bit. For the better I think. I like that. I received a post card from the hospital for a phone consult next week. I still have a chance, that I don't have anything serious. I have my fingers crossed. Already, I can see changes in my life though.

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