Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I have been watching the leaves falling outside my patio glass doors this morning. First, I saw two leaves fall and then a strong breeze pushed a bunch of golden leaves past the steps that are not far from me. The green trees now have golden streaks in them and for me they seem like gold for I now know if I did not move to Portland things would have turned out badly for me in Redding. I may have gotten my house purged last year but it created in me a need to leave and I would never have gotten the medical help I have been receiving here in Portland.

Yesterday, I learned that a medical problem that started about three or so years ago may be a sign of thyroid cancer. My doctor gave me some medication to control the problem but never investigated the cause. When the problem got worse, he increased the medication. The doctors here investigated the cause. I am going for a needle biopsy today after two other tests showed problems. Many people have survived thyroid cancer if that what it is. The lung cancer is in its early stages. Again, the problem was not looked into.

I am not saying that I got bad care there in Redding. They saved my life and caught ovarian cancer which is a big killer of women. I was exposed to Agent Orange in the military and I have had problems since. The Veterans Administration have done well with me on that score but I have had to be my own advocate.

The sun just came out. It is so beautiful out there right now. I can hear birds singing including crows who are cawing. Now, it is hard to see the golden leaves in the bright green leaves but I know they are there. September is hard on the heels of August. When I was growing up, this was my favorite time of the year. I grew up in San Diego and trees were not all that common especially when it was time for the leaves to fall. I had to look hard for the signs. Here in Portland, it is very apparent. The signs of life is also very apparent for me as well.

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