Friday, May 7, 2010

New Home

I am in my new apartment. If one was to compare this apartment to one in the USA it would be very small. It is one room, a laundry room and a bathroom. The rent is about $200 per month and it includes utilities. That is remarkable. However, the wireless Internet did not work out. I had to get cable and it cost about 40 dollars a month. I did not get a television cable as I don't have a set. I read the New York Times and the BBC for my news.

There are two plugs for the entire apartment. The modem for the Internet goes in one plug. I bought an extension cord and a converter for my lap top so I can have an English computer. Korea is full of these super apartment buildings and this is not one of them so my view from my one window is of trees and the sky and a mountain. Daejeon is in the mountains and is now just full of flowers.

My classes at the university are going very well. I did teach my special student last week, but the English classes that were scheduled for this weekend were cancelled which is normal. I don't worry about it. I walk to class every morning and so I don't worry about getting exercise. If I don't walk to class, I walk to the bus stop.

I have this big pad that I put on the floor and sleep on it. Sitting on the floor is very hard for me and I went shopping and found a small desk and office chair and when I get paid on Monday (hopefully)I will purchase them for about 140 dollars. The store will deliver it for free.

I found a wonderful restaurant downtown and had a wonderful lunch and the amount of lunch was so much I could take it home and have it for dinner. There does not seem to be any taxes and no tipping anywhere.

The apartment that I am at is very quiet and as I said flowers are everywhere. The landlords are always giving me food which is fresh fruit and rice cakes. Now, that I have my Sony Reader recharged, I have plenty of books to read. I can't watch any of my favorite programs on Hulu, or PBS as they won't broadcast outside of the USA. Darn. The library at the university has books in English as well.

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