Sunday, May 16, 2010

Seoul Weekend

It seems the English lessons with my special student are back on again. I went on the bus to Seoul and spent a very eventful Friday, Saturday and Sunday there. I even gave the English lessons so long promised. I did find out that my special student will be learning Japanese as well. He is smart enough to do this.

On Friday, the lady of the house where I am staying took me to a delightful park not far from her house where there was a small lake and boats. There were many people there in the evening. People were biking, hiking walking and using the exercise equipment that is free for all to use. Many people had their small dogs and all were on leashes. Many children were allowed to run free and I was bothered by how far they were allowed to go from their parents. I was told the children were safe, but I don't think I would have been so trusting.

On Saturday, I went to a flower festival for a flower that I am sure is called the Scotch Broom in Northern California. It is a flower that is cultivated for its rare oils in Korea. I looked at the pictures and it still looks the same and it certainly looked the same on the ground. I also heard a wonderful ccncert by some people from Equador. They played some traditional music and they were also some dancers although the leader of the group apologized in Spanish that the dancing resembled more of the North American dances. Still with the different instruments that they played very well, they were a smash at the festival. They played many kinds of flutes. I was very impressed and enchanted by the three.

Afterwards, we went to a traditional Korean restaurant and had dinner. Because I have some allergies, I make sure I stay away from certain food by not eating anything that is red. This may sound a bit silly but it does work. I still found plenty to eat. It was all so very good.

On Sunday, I was told we were going to some Korean Air Force Show. I was not dressed all that much and had no idea that my student was one of the special guests of the show. I met many people in my capacity as professor and English teacher of the student. I met the general of the Korean Air Force who was very delightful. I also met many other wonderful people. We had a cadet assigned to us who stayed with our group. It was a wonderful time and the general gave a few of us including me a special medalian. We had lunch in the mess hall and it was very good. I found plenty to eat.

By the time I was driven home, I was exhausted and slept about an hour and a half. I am to see my special student on Tuesday.

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