Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Nice Change

Since I started to measure my weight in stones instead of pounds on May 17, I have lost 3/4th of a stone or whatever that means. I am purposely not determining the exact amount of pounds. However, there is a change that did happen this last week that I am quite pleased about. I can now walk to my job at the university without stopping at the bus stop to rest. Instead of taking 30 minutes to get to my classroom, I take 20 minutes now and I am not out of breath anymore. I even made plans to start doing Yoga here at home later.

Last night, I went to the store, Home Plus, and did some "eye shopping" as some of the Koreans call it. My grandsons want some gifts from Korea and I don't want to buy until next pay day which is on the 7th or 8th of June. One grandson has just learned how to tell time so I will be getting him a watch and found one that he should like. The other grandson likes anything train related and found one set that he should like. I want to buy something that looks like it is from Korea. The third grandson is a mystery as he is 14 years of age and even his father does not know what to get him and I certainly do not know but there is time for that. The point is I walked all over that huge store and normally I get very tired, but I didn't. I am usually looking for a place to sit down and rest. I did not even think about it until later when I got home.

I have been going to Seoul on the weekends and this weekend I am staying home. I have a lot to do and welcome the chance to stay here. I enjoy Daejeon very much although there is much to do in Seoul but it is too big for my tastes. Besides, I eat far more than I usually do here in Daejeon. I have far less time to myself than I do here. I enjoy my teaching duties at the university and like the people I work with. My apartment is in a much smaller building than the one in Seoul although the apartment in Seoul is much bigger and nicer. I like just walking out and sitting in one of the small parks here that Samsung maintains for its employees. No one uses it except on Sundays. The company employees are very friendly and one of the managers lives next door to me.

Walking around is far more of a pleasure than it used to be as I don't have as much pain as I used to have. I have cut down on my pain relievers 50 percent. I am not huffing and puffing as I used to do. I could write that I can't believe how out of shape I had let myself get, but today is today and the past no longer exists and tomorrow is not here yet. The Buddhists call that mindful living and I try to remember that all of the time but unfortunately I forget. My ego gets in the way. All I can do is celebrate the small victories that come from time to time. I am celebrating this one.

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