Sunday, May 16, 2010


I bought a new scale from the British store, Home Plus. The reason I mentioned that the store was British was the simple fact that I did not notice the measure the scale used. It uses 'stones'. That was a surprise when I got it back to my apartment.

I did find out how to convert stones into pounds: One stone equals 14 pounds. However, I do like the idea of using stones as it eliminates the problems and issues associated with losing weight that I may have had in the past. People here in Korea have noticed that I have lost weight and ask how much I have lost. I think I will like giving them the information in stones. I find that loss of weight and the amount to be a very personal question. (In Korea, people feel free to ask you how old you are. It really shocked me at first. Now, I am used to it. There are all sort of social reasons for Koreans to ask this question as it makes a difference how they relate to you.)

I thought the use of stones was given up by the United Kingdom a while back. Maybe the scale was an old one or they use stones in weight loss. There is a smaller line of numbers in kilograms, but those are as equally strange as the stones. I like stones as it seems a bit more fun.

For a period of time, I did not have a pay day and I was seriously low on money. I had a problem finding enough food to eat. I do not have this problem anymore. Still, I find Korean food to be very useful in the loss of weight. There are some overweight individuals here, but there is some food on the market in Korea that is very conductive to weight gain such as pies, cakes and other such things. I don't buy them and can't eat them anyhow. I see kids eating them ever so often and at bus stops. Cars are very expensive here and jobs do not pay all that much. Koreans as a whole do exercise and walk quite a bit. I know that I do as well and that helps me in weight loss. I never watch television either as I do not own one. I can't see buying one as I would have to leave it here. I never knew how much the television made me hungry in the evening when I did watch it with its commercials. Now, I rarely eat in the evening and just drink tea or decaffeinated coffee.

Over the weekend, I got so tired that I miscalulated a step and fell. It wasn't a serious fall but I am sore. I will be taking it easy to some degree although I will still be walking to school and eating very little. It helps that I really don't have all that much food here.

I still can't go to many restaurants and order food as the Korean diet has a lot of hot sauce and it is consists of red paste which is full of gluten which I cannot eat. There are a few restaurants that will cater to my allergy problems and I go to them when out shopping. Home Plus has one restaurant where I can get a salad with chicken and peanuts and a cola. The restaurant is very nice and the whole cost is about $7.50 and there is no tipping here in Korea. The university has many cheap meals for the students but everyone of them has hot sauce and there is no chance of the sauce not being included as the price is $2.50. I can't just order a dish of rice and vegetables. The cafeteria is run on an assembly type model which is too bad for me but great for the students.

Well, I have started a record of my weight on my laptop that will be using stones and I will not convert it. I just want to see what works and what does not. I think there is a good chance that I will be down to my normal weight by the end of my first year here if that is how it goes. When I started this blog, I had no idea all that has occurred would happen. I guess no one know what will be around the corner even if it is as small as a scale that measures things in stones.

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