Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I found a key in my classroom and thought it might belong to a student and asked both of my classes. No one said it was theirs so I turned it in to the office. The person I usually talked with was surprised to see the key as it was the key to the 3rd floor library.

The next morning the office informed me that the computer equipment that was kept in my classroom for my use had been stolen. I had never used it as I did not know how to hook it all up and the students did not want to hear other people pronouncing English words when they had me doing it.

In Korea, there is a atmosphere of honesty; so having such a crime occur here in the university seemed to be a contradiction of what the Koreans take great pride in especially during a time when their country is edging closer to a possible war with North Korea. The students are all too young to have any real memories of the Korean War of 1950's, but its impact on their parents and grandparents is very real to them. We now have increased airplane traffic overhead. There are soldiers marching on the campus. All young men have either served in the military or are in the military now. It seems so impossible that someone would do something like that. I don't have a key to the classroom and it was opened and closed by office staff. Still, I feel some sort of responsibility too.

There are notices all over the school for the guilty party to turn themselves in because the notice states they have their image on a security camera. I have no idea whether or not this is true or if this will work. In the States, the equipment would have been sold to someone else already. I am not sure how much it was worth anyhow. Many of the classrooms are loaded with computers. Maybe, mine was special. As I said I never really looked at it. Many times when I came to school, the room was already unlocked. It probably won't be anymore.

Life in Korea is difficult for everyone now as it is. I am hoping the equipment will be found and returned but enough of a pragmatist to know it won't.

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