Saturday, May 1, 2010


I am using someone's computer while I am in Seoul. A lot has happened since my last posting.

First, I want to set something straight. Someone said that there was no way that I saw dog in a supermarket although several people told me it was dog. So, I am making a retraction. Please, dog lovers. I was repeating what others told me since I do not speak Korean. Again, I got it from several sources, but there you are.

Second, I have a new apartment that is really nice with some very nice people across the street from the university where I teach. I also will have wireless Internet service along with a English laptop. I think I fried my MP3 player when I tried to load up my player with a Korean laptop.

Third, I have no idea what is happening with the special student since the mother changes from one moment to the other not only with me but with just about everyone. I am happy with my present situation so it is sad since I like the kid I worked with and we got along. It is a situation that is out of my control.

I have lost weight and am healthier than I have ever been before although I have a long way to go. What an adventure this life is getting to be. I am not alone in this quest right now and have plenty of help. I think I will finally get to know the real Korea. It is so beautiful. I met this wonderful family this weekend. It was great that I did not have to worry about whether or not Ihad a place to go back to. The apartment is mine and the owners live on the floor above me.
Sometimes a little rain must fall for there to be rainbows.

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