Sunday, June 6, 2010

National Museum of Korea

I visited the National Museum of Korea this last Saturday. It is considered the flagship of Korean history and art in South Korea and is the cultural organization that represents Korea. The museum, itself, opened its doors in its new building in October 2005 and is located in Youngson Family Park in Seoul, South Korea. It is a very impressive looking building.

The museum contains over 220,00 pieces in its collection with about 13, 000 pieces on display at one time. It displays relics and artifacts through six permanent exhibition galleries that are easy to understand and have extensive explanations and even films. Although they had many tools that showed the evolving use of tools in the Korean peninsula they did not have any human or homo type skeletons on display although the signs mentioned that they were found.

The National Museum Is the sixth largest museum in the world in terms of floor space and covers 137,000 square meters or 1,480,000 squares feet. They are arranged in rooms or galleries that are divided into three main floors accessible by stairs or elevators. There were portable translators in other languages including English but many of the signs were in English as well as Korean.

I particularly liked the Buddha collections and the Greek helmet that was a gift from the Greek government to a Korean athlete who done very well in the Olympics.

There was no charge for anyone to enter the museum of Korea and the hours were very nice to accommodate working people. For instance on Saturday, the museum was opened from 9 am and closed at 9pm. There was a charge for parking in the covered parking garage.

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