Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Room Mate

I finally got paid and the first thing I bought was a fan. It has warmed up considerably in Korea and summer will be here officially on the 21st. What I did not know and have since found out is that Korea has a monsoon climate starting in June. When I first heard this, I thought it was a joke. Oh no, not so. They do have a monsoon period. First the spring season was cold enough for me to layer all of my sweatshirt jackets that I own and the one winter jacket at once and still be cold and then I find out there is a monsoon. Second, once I got used to a very cold spring, I find out about the monsoon. Where is Al Gore and Global Warming when you need him? Then spring finally came.

The promised rains have not materialized as yet. It rained quite a bit during Spring. I was not used to it. My apartment does not have air conditioning and neither does anyone else in the building. So far, it really has not needed it. The university has and even though they changed the filters in the air conditioner in my classroom there does not seem to be any movement towards turning it on. The other university where my special student is enrolled does have air conditioning and it is on.

I bought a fan and it has made all of the difference in my very small apartment. I have a furnished apartment that is really a very tiny studio apartment. When they advertised that it is furnished, they mean it has a stove, fridge and a washing machine. The last appliance was a genuine surprise. No one seems to have a dryer and I hang everything on a rack that dries fairly quick. However, the heat is conducted through the floor. Many people sleep on the floor and I really tried and succeeded at least for a while but I ended up getting a couch that makes into a bed. I got a chair because I can't sit on the floor comfortably and a very small desk. Furniture is very nicely priced here in Korea and I have to give it all away when I leave. I also bought a very small hand held vacuum because what people use just does not work for me. It is kind of a mop you put a cloth on the end and it supposed to pick up the dirt but doesn't. The vaccum which was very cheap is small and nice.

The landlady heard I needed a fan and wanted to give me one after I got one already. Darn. It is working now. I also have a printer which saves me time running around printing handouts at the university where it is very hot. I would rather be here in my apartment where it is much cooler. The university would give me an office but none of the offices have Internet and I have it here. I would rather stay at home and work. I go a little early and make copies of what I download and print.

Korea is a very beautiful country and the people are as nice as can be. I love my landlords and the university, are good to work for although a bit disorganized at times. The students are wonderful. My new room mate, the fan, is fitting very well although it was very difficult to put it together and the instructions were all in Korean.

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