Sunday, June 27, 2010

No Television

I do not have a television although I do have access to cable. Most of the stations here in Korea are in Korean but there is CNN and a few movies from time to time in English with Korean subtitles. Getting books in English is hard in South Korea unless you like reading the old classics which I do from time to time. Many of the programs from the BBC and the United States are blocked on my Internet connection.

Sometimes, I get tired of reading and writing and want a little television that is not blocked. I have found some web sites that are wonderful and I add new ones all of the time. I have no difficulty in listening to music and listen to many music stations from all over the world although my favorite is Live 365 and I paid their small fee so I would not have to listen to commercials. I had a membership with them before which I had enjoyed and listened to them for a while to make sure they work here in South Korea. Some music stations that I have paid into in the States do not work here in Sourth Korea such as Rhapsody and Pandora.

As for movies, Flex does not work and neither does HULU. But I found one with some old movies especially from the silent era that does work and it is free. It is: There is no cost for this site. Don't look for new movies here. I also do not use the prirate movie sites as they are not only illegal but take advantage of someone's hard work.

I love documentaries and the best site for this is : There is even a place for people to make comments about the movies they have just seen. I really recommend this site. Another site is: I am a fool for travel videos and you can get one from anywhere at :

Part of the fun is exploring what is out there on the Internet and whether or not it will play here in South Korea. The BBC is always a good bet as long as you don't want to watch the BBC television series. The CNN is also good and The New York Times has some very good and entertaining videos on its front page. I have taken tests to see if I am depressed and what kind of news I should be looking for. C-Span from the USA is now available here in South Korea and everywhere else and it is fun to watch. Just load those terms in your search engines and have fun.

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