Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sugar Substitutes

As stated before, I live in Korea. On the 16th of this month, I will have lost close to 40 lbs and I have been here three months. I have gone from a size 22 to a size 18. This is great and it is all due to healthy eating on a Korean diet and lots and lots of walking.

One of the problems I have had here is that I have trouble finding diet drinks. When I do find them they are almost two dollars per small bottle. I nurse them and buy them three or four at a time. There is no such thing as a six pack or a case or at least I have never seen it. People with diabetes must really have a problem. I have been rated as a diabetic, but my sugar level has been normal of late and I have never taken insulin. I ended up buying some lemons and putting them in filtered water with iced cubes.

There is a restaurant that has diet Pepsi called Pepsi Max on the menu but they are always out when I go there. I like the place because it has a great view of the city, a very nice chicken salad and everything is about $7.90 and no tipping is allowed. There are American restaurants in town but I don't know where they are and go only when someone takes me there. The cheapest meal is usually 35 dollars. It is steak and they tell you it is American steak.

The biggest problem I have is there are no sugar substitutes that I can find that one finds readily in the USA in pink, blue or yellow envelopes. There is no Splenda which is alright since it has a bad effect on me; but there is no saccharin and other sugar substitutes. When I am in a social situations I have to drink regular Pepsi or Cola drinks which seem so full of sugar since I am not used to them. In my apartment, I sometimes drink orange juice which is a favorite here and will drink them from the machines. Juice is a favorite drink and it can be apple, pine, pineapple, plum, coconut and others. The candy aisle is stock full of candy from all over the world. I don't eat candy all that much. None of the candy that I have seen is diet.

There is a real problem with diabetes from what I hear from others. Those with the disease continue to drink the sugared colas and juice. I am lucky in that my diabetes was from a stay in the hospital when all they would give me was sugared jello. Now, I seem to be normal. Even if I needed to cut down on sugar, it would be very hard here in Korea. As I said, I drink filtered water with lemon slivers and that is all I can do. I don't like the extra sugar and thank goodness the Korean diet still does not have sugared deserts although the American style deserts are filtering in and I see the younger set munching on pies and candy at the bus stops.

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