Saturday, May 14, 2011

Getting Lost

I seem to be getting lost quite a bit here in Portland even with the directions that I download off the Internet. It is hard to follow the directions when everything goes by so fast. Some drivers get frustrated with me when I am not driving as fast as they want as I try and read the signs. Ironically, I am usually driving at the speed of the posted speed limits.

I have ended up in cities I have never heard of and all of them seem to state on signs that they are "historical". Yesterday, I saw historical Oregon City, Milwaukee, Canby and others. What I did see was some beautiful country, and I went shopping at one shopping center at Canby for a pair of shoes that did not squeak. I had a pair of very comfortable shoes that made squeaking sounds when I walked. One lady at the Veterans Affairs building made some comments about them and I felt pretty embarrassed. They were new too. I bought them in California. I found the brand of shoes I normally get and they were on sale. I wore them out the store.

People in the part of the country are very friendly and they have been very helpful with directions with few exceptions. I found a parking spot on the street of Portland without a meter but I noticed that some of the other cars had stickers in their windows. I asked a man if he knew whether or not one had to pay to park on the street and he just stared at me and just walked off. Another man who overheard came up and showed me a machine that you insert you credit card or ATM card and get the sticker. I did that so I would not get a parking sticker. The man who ignored me was the only exception I have come across here in Portland.

I have a love of trees and certainly there were plenty in Northern California, but although Portland is known to be the City of Roses it could easily be known as the city of trees for they are in abundance everywhere and there are many varieties. Looking out my window as I type this, I see many of different types, ages and it is simply beautiful especially when the sky is blue or there is a low mist that covers the tops of the trees. There are also different kinds of birds and I have to get a book on them so I can identify them. This morning I saw a Red Robin but except for the easily identified birds such as crows I really don't know them as much as many of the people around here. That was one of the treats in my sojourns when I was lost was the sights of different birds. Evidently, they must like it here.

When I was a youngster, I lived in Southern Oregon all year around from time to time so I have that experience to base some experience but not much else. In Redding, it got very hot during the summer and I understand it does not get that hot here. I live in a basement apartment and it does not have air conditioning which none of the basement apartments do. Last year in Korea, air conditioning was a necessity. Many of the people I talked with do not feel that it is here. When I lived in Grants Pass, OR, my aunt and uncle never had it in their house as it never got hot enough to warrant it. They kept most things off during the summer during the day.

I don't think it makes any difference what part of the world one lives, all drivers get frustrated with each other. I will continue to anger some drivers as I learn how to get around this new area and hope the road rage will not boil over. I am going to get a Oregon driver's license soon but will keep the California auto license as long as I can legally because I am hoping it might help others to know I am not used to this area. Maybe not. Maybe if a driver is inclined to road rage, he or she might not be able to read someone's car tags and notice they are out of state and even care. Oh well....

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