Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sick Call

Yesterday, I came down with a virus and so spent the day in bed although I got up ever so often to do some unpacking. I went out the day before to get some screw drivers from The Dollar Tree not far from here and noticed The Book Box and then saw that the bookstore was going out of business. I went into the store and it was a second hand paperback bookstore but they did have some bookcases for sale. I bought three, a chair since I had none and a pair of steps for a low price. The lady who owned the store and was retiring delivered them and yesterday I put books in them.

I watched several movies on Netflex as my Internet and basic cable has been installed. It took several tries to do this as my outside cable was cut by the previous cable people and that made it more difficult to reinstall. I don't understand all of this, but it got done and that is what counts. I watched "Ghostbusters 2" that I had seen before but enjoyed the second time. I saw some BBC television program, "Luther", that I liked and will try another episode again. I also watched the Jon Stewart Daily Show. I normally don't watch that much television but I did because of my illness and because I could watch it off my laptop.

Today, I feel so much better and I will be visiting friends in Salem, Oregon. I will attempt to throw away some stuff and check my mail box outside. I will also be calling the National Security Agency since they left a message on my phone yesterday. They are doing a security clearance on my daughter-in-law who is in the U.S. Army.

I had aches and pains in my joints yesterday which I don't today. I opened the blinds and saw that it is raining and someone told me that it rains often in Portland. The moss on all of the trees was a giveaway when I was driving down here. There are beautiful flowers everywhere and people have wonderful gardens. Growing up I lived in Southern Oregon and remember the flowers, especially roses and violets. When I got here on the 3rd, I noticed the tulips that were in gorgeous colors everywhere. Of course, I have been moving and that is very physical especially since there are stairs to my place.

I am happy to be here, but not everyone is pleased at my move. I have one relative who is very angry that I am here and not in Redding. He is making trouble with the Veterans Administration and they may stop my check. I did not think he could do that and was assured by the patients advocate in Redding that he couldn't. Then I got a call that stated that he could. I am writing letters to several places including the agency I am a member of, The Disabled Veterans of American but no answers as yet.

Well, I am doing the best I can. It is wonderful to live alone again. I love the apartment I got and the neighborhood that I live in. Most importantly, I love getting my freedom back.

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