Monday, May 16, 2011

The Importance of the Internet

Yesterday I decided to run all of the maintenance programs my laptop has, and this is not unusual. Something happened that was different. Although the results of the maintenance programs were normal, many aspects of the Internet functions that I have taken for granted have been screwed up for some reason. For instance, the spelling program for this blog is now off. I have long depended on it and now I don't have it. I can no longer use Google Page as my home page and I have been trying to get that back. I lost Netflex on Firefox and can now use it only on Internet Explorer. I can't use my Hotmail account on Firefox anymore but can on Internet Explorer. I really like Firefox so it is hard to lose that Internet browser. I can no longer access my Tweeter account on Firefox either for some reason. Facebook on Firefox is not working.

So much of what we do depends on passwords and the like that I forget what they are. I have been changing some of them and this process is not working on Firefox although it is working on Internet Explorer. It seems funny this is happening. I seem to remember Microsoft getting in trouble in the past for setting things up so people could not access any other program but their Internet Explorer. Gee, I hope they are not doing it again. I happen to like Firefox. It is a matter of getting used to something.

I probably spend too much time on the Internet anyway. Still, I would like my Tweeter and Facebook again and will work on it. Well, I was successful in getting my Facebook transferred to Internet Explorer. I could get into the Firefox account but it would not work. The same was for my Hotmail. I could get in but it would not work.

Well, I got into my Tweeter account but only on Internet Explorer. I resent that I am being forced to use Internet Explorer, but I really have learned to depend on these websites. I have basic television cable and watch some television on the Internet and haven't even watched television since coming to Portland. I just watch certain programs such as Jon Stewart's Daily Show on the Internet.

I asked a friend to help me access my Netflex account and again it won't work anymore on Firefox but only on Internet Explorer. I use that account to watch the programs I missed on the BBC such as Lewis, Sherlock Holmes, Dr.Who and so on.

The point of this post is that all of us are intertwined into the Internet, some more than others. I have met and talked with people that I would never have done so if the Internet had not been invented. I happen to like it very much. I just have to watch the time and make sure I don't spend too much time on it. As for being forced to use one Internet browser? I don't like it one bit and can't see what I can do about it. I still think it is better skiing and flying on the Internet than passively watching television that my parents did for so many years. I can still remember the eerie light and sound of canned laughter that came out of the houses at night as I walked the dog or walked with a friend years ago as a young teenager. I would not want to go back to that time.

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