Monday, November 16, 2009

Preventing Diabetes

I am a member of AARP and get a bulletin from them and in the November bulletin there was a small article about preventing diabetes the fun way. Well, I already have diabetes. I don't take insulin for it as I can still control it by my diet. Still, it interested me. If the information helped me prevent diabetes then it can help me control it.

It started by saying it could be fun. The thing is not to have a boring diet. The Harvard Medical School report states that drinking coffee cuts diabetes risk by up to 42 percent and that drinking alcohol drops diabetes risk by up to 43 percent. I am not going to take up alcohol, however coffee is an important part of my diet. Already I feel encouraged.

There are the old standbys such as fresh fruits and vegetables. I have already started to add them to my diet. I can't add grains, but I can add rice now and then. I have never really felt the need to cut down salt since I don't feel I eat all that much.

I have taken down some of my cookbooks and been reading some of the recipes. There is those who say that one should always eat even if you are not hungry. Well, I don't. I have some yogurt in the fridge in case I wait too long and get faint. I am going to fix some decaffeinated coffee, but I just can't think about food right now. I love the taste of butter and it does not have carbs. I got a terrific buy on gluten free waffles and have been eating them. I also have some soup in a carton that I have written about earlier. I bought extra since the price was so good. I can always heat some in the microwave. I also have some cashews although I had some yesterday and it does not look good to me now.

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