Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I bought some soup in cartons that were gluten free and organic. I also bought some fresh vegetables. I have not done this for a long time. I had dropped my crock pot on the kitchen floor and wondered if it worked or not anymore. I was sitting in bed and said to myself that I might as well try and then put on a crock pot with some meat that I have had in the freezer for a while. The crock pot worked. I put one carton of organic tomato soup that I had purchased from the Canned Foods Outlet for $.50 and the chopped meat that I had dripped in corn floor and sealed in olive oil. Then later in the morning, I put in a bag of fresh assorted vegetables that I got there as well. The soup turned out extremely well. I had bought several kinds of these gluten free organic soups from a brand I know very well. The expiration date is well into the future.

This is a good turn of events, my taking an interest in cooking and preparing food. I usually just eat whatever take the least amount of work. It still does not take all that much work, but it takes more than I have been doing for some time. Of course, it is the cooler months and hot soup seems a bit more welcoming than salad. If it was summer I could see myself fixing some salad and I have not been doing that for some time.

I also forget to eat and get a little light-heated and then look on this blog to see if I had eaten. The importance of my meals have slipped down on the list of things I do everyday. I like that. I still have not bought meat, but I did buy a new cook book that I may try later but not now. Perhaps, this forgetting to eat is because there is a crock pot sitting on the counter that is full of good soup to eat.

I have, as written before, picked up my exercise rate. I recorded housework as exercise because I don't do as much as I should and I did a lot more today than normal. Housework can be strenuous. Again, I am getting started on exercise and will increase it. I have learned how to operate the DVD and VCR under the new system off from my office. There is no excuse for not using the exercise tapes and DVDs. This weekend I have guests so I am not using them.

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