Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I have landed in California and it feels so good to be here. The trip went faster and better than expected. So many people were kind and helpful.

There were some unexpected problems when I got home. First Bank of America are split into two banks and I had no idea. Northern California Bank of America and the Southern California Bank are two different bank so I could not get a replacement of my Visa Bank Card. Bummer. However, I talked to a bank manager and found a solution. Who would have thought this was a problem?

Then I found out that the same exists for my car insurance. My son bought me a new car since the old one was driven to a junk yard since it failed the smog test. It did not seem worth it to fix it. To bad because it was a spunky car and drove well. The new car is much newer and very nice. I had to cancel my insurance with the northern half of the insurance company and open a new account with the southern one since I am driving my car home to my home in Northern California.

I am drinking brewed coffee with milk and that was rare in Korea. I am enjoying it along with the Los Angeles Times which I bought today. It is so good to hold one in my hands.

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