Friday, December 3, 2010

One week away

I am about one week away from leaving Korea. Sometimes when I think about it, I get so excited I can hardly sit still. If I think about it at night, I can't sleep. I am slowly cleaning up my apartment and packing.

Today, I closed my bank account and left enough money to pay the Internet provider for December. I talked with the landlady with an interpreter, a manager from the corporation next door. It was cold and he was shaking. I wanted to make sure they inspected my apartment and returned my portion of the deposit back. I will clean the place up. I also have a friend coming on Sunday to pick up my printer and some books.

Being in Korea has been a very positive experience and one that I will always remember. I accomplish everything I wanted to do and did even more. I am still trying to do some last minute things, but most have been done. When I ride the bus, I look at the buildings, the streets, the Buddhist temples, the men pulling carts on the street, everything and I know that home will be very much different. I will be very much different.

There were things and experiences that seemed bad at first but ended up being the very best things that could have happened. Things I wanted to happen did. I met wonderful people and had wonderful romantic times. Who would have thought that I could still have those sort of adventures this late in my life? I did.

But I am ready to go home.

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