Sunday, December 26, 2010

Rain again

I have been back for a week from Korea, and it has been raining steadily for a week. It rained all of the way up when I drove from Los Angeles to Northern California. I am also listening to the wind as it moves the trees and everything out there next to my bedroom window. In my ignorance, I had planned on taking long walks to keep up with my exercise that I did in Korea. Now, I park my car in the outer reaches of parking lots so I can walk to the doors of the stores and businesses I have to visit.

I was thinking about joining the Mall Walkers after the New Year since the Mall is covered. I can just walk round and round looking at the stores which are closed early in the morning. Normally, I don't shop in the mall. There are no stores there that I patronize. Normally, I would be thinking about walking the Sacramento River Trail but not in this weather. There are a few things that happen around here that involve walking such as history walks, but again the weather is not conducive to it.

As for food, I will be getting a new crock pot since my old one has been absorbed into my son's family. It was the biggest they make anyhow and far too big for my needs. I like making soup during the winter months. I don't think I am eating balanced meals. I am planning on doing that at the first of the month. I am going to stock up on some supplies too. I noticed a store that I normally don't go to has some good prices on evaporated milk. I will stock up on cans of evaporated milk so I don't have to worry about keeping an eye on the milk's expiration dates. I will buy veggies and fruit and whatever for my soup as I go along. I might buy some fruit. I had gotten out of the practice of buying bananas since the ones in Korea get little black flies which filled my apartment. Someone told me that the US Customs spray the bananas coming into this country for that, but Korea does not.

If things work out with the crock pot, I might extend the use of it into Spring and Summer. Once I have something worked out, I don't like spending any amount of time in the kitchen especially since I have to share a kitchen with my son's family. There doesn't seem to be any problems in that area, but I want to work out a system in which I spend as little time as possible there and still plan and cook healthy meals for myself. It is the exercise plans that is a worry especially with all of this rain.

I am reading a book by Malcolm Gladwell entitled "What the Dog Saw" which is very good. The point of the book is that one has to step "out of the box" so to speak and see something from another point of view such as the perspective of the dog hence the title. I really think there is a answer to my problem exercise. I just have to give it more thought.

It still great to be home.

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