Thursday, December 23, 2010

Detachments Again

It was so easy to write about detaching from one's grown up children but another thing entirely doing it. Too bad, one cannot buy special glue for the mouth that when applied certain things or subjects cannot be said. I am trying, and I guess that it all I can hope for. Of course, the grown up children are already in denial for any change they see in me. I remember that saying of Mark Twain that never gets worn down: "Denial is not a river in Egypt." The saying is for me not my children.

Life continues to be great although the rain continues to fall here in the North State of California. The last time I remembered this much rain is when I moved here in 1998 or so. I could not drive to Oregon to visit relatives as much as I wanted to because of the snow in the mountains. Then the drought came and I could drive as much as I wanted to without worry about snow storms. Those relatives are now gone to better places and I miss them terribly. I guess it was good that I was able to visit them.

I did some last minute shopping for grandchildren and parked at the end of the parking lots so I could walk since I was driving. I have a new car now since the last one has also gone to a better place and is about two inches tall.

I am going to try and drive up to a favorite lake today since I have been able to get some needed things done. Everyone is shopping and not visiting the DMV or Veterans Administration Clinic. I was able to get a flu shot. There is a lot of magic in the world, but there are a lot of people hurting. I try to remember them too and drop some money in.

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