Monday, February 7, 2011

Bouncing off other blogs

I do a lot of bouncing off other blogs. Today, I just bounced off one blog in which the blogger said she was having the same old Monday she always has, boring. Well, I guess it depends on the karma trail one travels on because I have never traveled on a life that was boring and that included many Mondays. It is always different and it is always exciting and I never seem to get any rest. Trust me, I am not bragging. This sort of thing gets very old.

All last night, I kept having the same dream in which I was editing it. That, to the best of my knowledge, has never happened before. I was editing my dream. Or I was living a "Ground Hog " movie. That is what happens when I work too late. It was not a bad dream and in all honesty I don't even remember it except that I would dream it one way and then start all over again to see if it worked better.

I learned last year to be very careful what one wishes for. You might get it. That one blogger might just get a more interesting life. She might get up and pull the blinds and see a scene that she had never seen before from her bedroom window that she had been looking out since 1997. That happened to be this morning. Actually, it was a cloud formation that was highly unusual and very beautiful but then our weather here in the North State has been very unusual. The winter seems to have gone East for the winter, so to speak. Summer has come early.

I went to the lake with a friend yesterday and we saw some unusual things there too. It was warm there as well and we had to remove our jackets which was nice as it is early February and there were more people there than usual. In February, Whiskeytown Lake has next to no one out there. We saw a few sailboats out on the lake and a few motorboats. That is not common as the lake is low this time of the year. The sky was blue with a few white clouds. Even the animals which are usual out there were gone except the birds. Both of us were sketching and drinking coffee from a thermos. We saw eagles and hawks which is also unusual and my friend had his camera and was taking pictures. All of this was done on a Sunday that had a big football game. It was very unusual.

I have a few things to do today that I normally don't do and some things I am going to do differently. I am going to the gym but won't be doing the classes as they are too much for me right now as my one foot is sore for some reason. I am going to the Veterans Administration Clinic for a test and then to lunch although I am not sure where.

I wrote in here the other day that I had a friend named Ted. He told me that many people in AA consider their Higher Power, Starbucks. He is a big believer in the 12 Step Program and attends meetings where ever he goes. One time he had to go to Greenland for something that I forgot and found plenty of meetings he could attend. I wish I could remember why he has to go to Greenland because he wrote me an email last month that he was going again. Why would anyone go there? Surely, it is not a vacation spot. I must be having a 'youth moment' because I can't remember.

I went to Starbucks alone yesterday for coffee with my music and had a grand time and might go back today. I took a book I was reading and a journal and did my own thing and enjoyed it along with the coffee. They have refills now for 50 cents. It is next to where I get my hair cut.

In my whole life, life has never been boring or the same for any stretch of time. The only reason I ever hated Mondays was that I had a day job that I hated to go to. I liked my job but not the people I worked for. They had some issues that made them do things that were strange and very unpredictable. My supervisor never bathed and no one wanted to get close to him. He was desperately unhappy which surprised no one. The police often found him asleep in his car in different places of the North State because I guess he did not want to go home. Many of us were afraid he would kill himself at work, and if he used a gun he might miss and he might shoot one of us. He would hear conversations that no one else did between one of us and other people that just did not happen and they were strange conversations. One of them, he complained to me about, was about the man's illegitimate birth. The higher ups would not do anything about him. They had shipped him to our part of the state to get rid of him.

Finally, a day came when I could retire from that job and I looked forward to living at home in sameness but that never happened either. It was one crisis with my sons or friends after another and then I went to Korea where I was kept a prisoner for a while but escaped. Then it was great but not boring.

I never look for excitement. It looks for me. Ted says that the trick is to have a sense of humor about the whole thing. He says his life has always been like mine. Strange and odd things are always happening to him except he gets to write about it. People sometimes accuse him of making it up. He loves it when they do. He got shot with an arrow once in New York City by an ex-lover in Times Square. He showed one person the scar during a book signing and the newspaper article from The New York Times. People actually clapped when he did. He had to pull down his pants to show his ass and he was wearing his St. Patrick Day shorts. They could have been clapping for that. He put the whole thing in an article.

What did Confucius say was the worse curse you can give: "May you live in exciting times" although he did not say it in English. I wish the Blogger would have an exciting Monday.

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