Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New hair

My son installed shower bars yesterday and I did something I have been thinking about doing for a long time. I changed by hair color back to the original without the gray and white. I wanted to make sure if I was standing in my shower I could hang onto something as I washed the gunk off my hair. I have not changed my hair color for many years and I was in for a pleasant shock.

Years ago, when I changed my hair, no matter what the brand was if one had white or gray, then part of your hair had a different color than the rest of your hair. I was not looking forward to trying that again. Then a few times on television I saw a brand being advertised just for people like me who was heavily gray and losing that battle everyday to white. At first, I like the small amounts of gray and white; but I did not like it anymore.

I don't know if I like the color that I bought, a medium warm brown, and may go lighter next time, but I am pleased with the overall effect. I also was surprised how different I looked. This morning I looked in the mirror and almost did not recognize myself.

I guess I did not like the large amount of white hair that was coming in. I wasn't ready for it yet. I am lucky in that I don't have the wrinkles. I inherited my mother's skin and that we don't show our age there. Why should I let my hair get older than the rest of me?

I am still battling my overweight and will be heading out to the gym shortly. My foot is still sore but in a different part of the foot which to me is a bit weird. I must be doing something with it that I don't know about. I have an appointment with the foot doctor on the first of March.

I was remembering a girl from my youth who was very conceited about her looks. One of the things she was the most vain about was her hair. She wore it in a long pageboy which was very popular then. It was golden blond. She had beautiful skin, a nice figure, regular features and her father owned a restaurant and bar that made good money. She dressed well. She would be my age now. I wondered if she walked like that old woman at the Senior Center. The old woman walked like a beauty queen except she was 70 years old. With the shortage of men, her husband had long been gone through death or divorce and no man was lusting after her. Younger men were looking at younger women. I could tell she thought all eyes were on her but I was looking because I was looking at a woman who was conceited about something she happened to be born with. She had something that was no longer prized as she was too long in the tooth, so to speak.She did not know it. Hopefully, she never learns. She seems so happy in her ignorance.

There are a lot of people who are conceited about something they were given and did not earn. There are young people who think the world is theirs and that everyone envies them and in some way some do. They haven't realized that youth is fleeting and soon it will be gone. I guess I thought so too. One of the advantages in always having weight problems is you don't miss what you never had. I had two parents who were breathtakingly beautiful and never got over losing it. They never developed what should have been there when the surface beauty was gone. They became bitter.

None of us stay young. I discovered I can keep the gray and white out of my hair for just a bit longer but the wrinkles will come. Nothing will keep those away. Maybe at that point I will be more like a zebra again except the dark stripes will be less pronounced. It will hurt from time to time to move but keeping in shape helps with that. I learned that in Korea. Eating less helps keep the pounds off. Getting help in managing bills is something that helps too. Laughing at the foolish things I do everyday is better than crying about it or blaming someone else. Being conceited about something I was born with is just plain silly since what comes easily goes just as easily. I know a writer who is very good but has early onset Alzheimer's disease. His enormous intellect will be gone as his medications is slowing but not stopping it. In Buddhism and just plain common sense, nothing ever stops change. Ahh....

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