Sunday, February 13, 2011


I have been running around and not staying at home. I can't blog when I am not home although I can read posts from my phone. I just read the news and that is about all. Many things happened while I was running out in the woods and mountains of California. I needed the break, I think. I listen to music for the most part and wrote in my journal and read. I also did some sketching.

I made some friends at a meeting I decided to attend at the local public health department this past week about making healthy choices. I thought the material being presented was pretty good. I had met someone who was there before when I was more politically involved but she forgot which is understandable. She is still active in politics although I am not. I am far more active in writing now. I admire her stance on many things and her sense of freedom that she exhibits in doing what she wants to do in her life. She has mentioned going out to lunch again which we did after the first meeting I attended.

There was another meeting I decided to go to regarding writers but it was a workshop for those who never started their writing careers. There were a few people there that were on the same level as I was and left at the break. I could tell it was someone who made her living doing workshops as she was a poet and poetry does not pay. It is a shame but it doesn't. It never did. Poets were those who had independent means. Many people think it is easy to write verse, but I know it is not. I did not pay any money for the workshop so I should not have felt angry or depressed; but I did. I had high hopes of getting information I needed and wanted. There was one man there who was self-published and I told him that there was no reason for him to be so. He was a Christian writer writing in an area where there are good strong markets. He should submit and educate himself how to do so on the Internet and Writers Market at Barnes and Noble. He needs to do what all writers do. He said he was going to do that.

It was that meeting at the public health department and the lunch that got me thinking about my own choices. I need to stop my decent into inactivity which has been happening of late. I don't know how to do it. The woman I had lunch with has a husband but does not use that fact as a excuse to stop her from living her life the way she wants to. As for where I want to go, I know. I want to go deeper into writing and to stop this trend towards inactivity. I think I need to make more plans and follow up on them.

The good thing is that I am not at square one as I was a year ago so that is good. I need to get a plan going and the classes that the local public health department is doing is very helpful and listening to the woman who forged her own pathway is another way of doing that. None of us are alone out there. There are other people who have gone before us and there are tools out there to help us. I just have to ask the Cosmos for help and I will get it. I should know that by know.

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