Friday, February 25, 2011

Cold sex vs. friendship

A friend and I talked about the subject of sex and the senior citizen. Many people think that seniors don't think about it and don't enjoy the occasional romp between the sheets anymore. I thought that it was something of the past for me and never did think about it regarding others. When I started to date lately, I was astonished to find that some senior men are pretty frisky in bed at that age and that I was still capable of enjoying myself.

My friend said that many married women in their latter years have to make do with no sex at all from their husbands for a variety of reasons. When I said that I was not happy with the sex I was getting from my new beau, she collapsed against a wall and said she really envied me. She also said that most women would envy me as well. I can still see her, and I wonder if she really would if that sex was cold. Cold sex is great sex but unemotional sex and there is no romance in it at all. There is no love. I would rather date my hand.

I am a writer and write about sexual themes and it is enjoyable. I like to look at good looking men and flirt with them within reason. They know I mean nothing by it. I enjoy remembering some good times in bed and I always like watching actors that I like in movies. I have my favorites such as Sam Neill and Terence Stamp (whether he is playing a man or a woman makes no difference).

But if I am going to have sex again, and I never know at this age when the next opportunity will arise, I would rather have some warm loving and fumbling sex than masterful but cold sex anytime. Cold sex leaves the body satisfied but the heart empty and cold. I think sex is more than exchanging bodily fluids. It is a sharing of the things that make two people feel alive no matter what the sexual orientation is.

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