Saturday, October 17, 2009

October 17, 2009 Saturday

A bully tried to make me feel bad today. At first, I felt puzzled and did not understand what he was doing. A friend pointed out what was going on and I was astonished. My friend said: "Maybe he is reading your blog." Then I was amused.

The bully said: "Still feeling left out, eh?"

Huh? I said at first...

I think I have mentioned before that there are no shortages of bullies in this world. Things are going well with me right now. I did not feel particular left out at this moment. There were company at the house this weekend. I got along with everyone and we had fun. I learned something very important in that all of the things I have gained over the years will not leave and I have to start all over again.

I rarely am alone nor do I feel lonely. I am lucky in that. I feel comfortable in being alone. It is a condition that I have had to fight for in the past. Most of my hobbies that I enjoy are those that are best done alone. I have close friends. I have strong spiritual guides that have never led me astray.

The things I want to do this summer involve physical activities. I want to be in a kayak without sinking it, I want to join a walking tour without lagging behind, I want to join a biking trip without worrying that I cannot finish it. I want to go on a balloon trip without worrying about the balloon not be able to lift. I want to have my surgery that I need. As for getting along, well I am a writer. Writers are a bit odd and that is alright with me. I love being one. I would not want to be anything else. I am also a reader and that makes me a bit odd and I don't mind that either. What thrills me beyond anything I know is that I am a very good writer and get better and better. I used to be a so so editor and now I am a terrific editor. I just get frustrated with some of the stuff I read when it is not done well. That means I am getting better and that is very good.

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