Monday, October 26, 2009

Vegetarism vs. meat eating

I had a nightmare the other night. I had several friends over for snacks, and they brought a DVD of some horror classic in honor of Halloween. I usually never watch this genre, but they came over and I watched it with them. I forgot the name of the film. It was about some creature killing people and everyone was screaming. I hated it, but I stayed with it since everyone seemed to enjoy screaming and having a good time. I have never understood the need to scream and get scared out of one's head and skin.

That night after they left I went to bed. To forget the movie, I played some Free Cell and Solitaire on the computer and thought I had forgotten it. I didn't. I dreamed my own horror flick. I was in a movie that was set in Germany. I was in a restaurant that specialized in being mean to their customers and they paid extra for that. When I woke up, I wondered about that. There is a few restaurants they could have went to and got bad service for free. This bad service meant really cruel service as in Sadomasochism type of thing. One of the waiters got out of control and attacked a receptionist and killed her and then butchered her and served her as a meal. I woke up completely upset. I made up my mind that I am never going to watch an horror movie again even if the Dalai Lama came to my house with one.

I started to think why I would dream such an awful story. I have been thinking about reverting back to a vegetarian diet. I used to be one but switched back when I went to a high carbohydrate diet. I looked at my freezer and the small freezer on top of the refrigerator and saw all of the meat items I had in store there. The more I thought about it, the more I thought about changing back to being a vegetarian. From now on, I don't think I will be buying meat anymore but will use up what I have. That will give me plenty of time to think about the decision to stop eating meat or at least cut way down on the consumption of it. I would not go vegan which would mean not eating milk products. I see no harm in eating milk, cheese, cottage cheese and so forth. I love half and half in my coffee.

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