Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October 20, 2009 Tuesday

I have been sick the last few days. It seems like a low grade flu. I used to get the flu so bad that I had to be checked into the hospital until I got the message and took the yearly flu shot. I remember one year the flu shot was bad and I got sick from the shot and used up all of my sick days and later that year the US Government fired the company for making shoddy flu shots but would not admit that was the reason. Maybe I should have sued. Oh well. Now, I just feel not so good.

I got tired of being in bed the last few days although it was nice listening to it rain. Rain has been rare in California and so it was nice to hear it. This morning, I went to a park just outside the town and it was wonderful. No one was there but it was so vibrant with autumn colors and because of that there the animals were all around including migrating birds, cranes, eagles, and some bears frolicking in the lake. There was a stiff breeze and one sail boat out on the water. Earlier this morning there must have been a crew cleaning up the broken branches and downed trees because I saw bunches and bunches of cut branches and sawed trees on the sides of the road ready for pick-up. Several roads were closed because the crews did not get to them. I had some coffee and vivanno from Starbucks. I also bought a New York Times since Tuesday has the science section.

On the way home, I bought three short ribs on sale for a dollar and some freshly made chicken cashew chicken salad so I did not have to fix anything when I got home. They were very good. I watched some television although not much but watched instead some news and talked with several members of my family.

I am hoping that I will be alright tomorrow. I was feeling down today although I had no idea whether or not it was from the flu or from something else. The storm has passed and the sky was blue. I am going to bed a bit early so I can read for a while.

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