Saturday, November 6, 2010


One of the things I am going to miss in Korea is the mass transit system. It is excellent. The bus drivers drive like race drivers, but the buses ran regularly and all of the time. There are usually at least two or more bus routes that take you to the places you want to go. I don't know all of the routes, but I know there is routes 102 and 113 that takes me to Home Plus where I go. They run frequently. It is not that way in the States.

When I am at home and working as I am here on the computer or in bed (I rarely put the bed up into the couch) I read and write by hand and type. I don't see anyone. I don't have a television set, thank goodness. I watch or read the news and that is about it. At night when things are all done, I might watch an old movie or a documentary. I work on Facebook or Hotmail. Sometimes I need exercise and to see human beings. I reward myself by heading to the bus stop and going to Home Plus usually at noon.

Lately, someone told me about hidden stairs that I did not know about. I no longer have to walk on the thin road leading to the main road where there are several bus stops. The main bus stops have benches to sit. The corporation next door who put in the steps also put in a bus stop so people can sit in a shelter and wait for the bus. It is a very nice shelter. Now I head for the stairs and climb them and cross the street to the stop and the bus comes within a short period of time. I rarely take the taxi anymore unless I am bringing home groceries. Buses will stop on a dime, so to speak, and when you are carrying groceries and standing that can be a serious problem. I take the taxi home. It cost 7,000 wons or 7 dollars to take the taxi home one way. It cost 1,000 wons or 1 dollar to take the bus. Korean senior citizens pay less but I am not Korean so I pay the going rate. Still it is cheaper than the taxi.

I get the exercise I need. When I get to Home Plus, I buy a rice burger and coffee with skim milk. I am lucky to get that. Koreans are not into milk in their coffee as Americans are. I hate skim milk but it is better than black coffee. I drink coffee here at home with regular milk. I have never seen half and half. I used to go up to the grocery store at Home Plus and buy a individual cheesecake, but they have discontinued that so I have given up the cheesecake. I can't eat donuts and that is what Dunkin Donuts sell there. I buy the rice burger from a fast food chain that is here in Korea and consider myself lucky to get it. I don't eat the french fries.

I never go more than one day without getting some exercise. Going to Home Plus is a treat and gives me the incentive for going. It is still a good walk to get to the bus stop and a beautiful walk. I don't go anywhere when it is foggy for the cars would not see me. I still can't get over how easy it is for me to climb those steps without any pain or even pain reliever. I don't even get out of breath anymore. Korea has been good for me.

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