Saturday, November 13, 2010

In the last month of my stay here

I am in the last month of my stay here in Korea and there are decisions to be made. One person called my landlord and talked to them in Korean to make sure they knew I was leaving next month. I was so relieved. They also asked that the landlord call the Internet people and cut off my Internet on my last day. I will be leaving enough money to pay my charges in my bank account. That was easy for I have a deposit that will also pay any left over utility bills. I have paid all of them up to now.

I am thinking about not buying any more coffee as I need to buy milk and don't want any of those items left over. I also am going through my clothes and figuring out what to throw away. Some of my clothes are too big to wear anymore. I am giving away most of my books to English teachers and the rest to the English Library across the street. I have no idea what I am going to do with my printer as yet. I might give it to a church in case they might know someone in the future.

My landlords rented this apartment as furnished. Now, when I leave, it really will be. I am leaving all of my furniture including some dishes, an air conditioner and fan. I am leaving my washing machine soap and soap for washing hands. I am leaving a lot less than what I brought.

When I went to Japan to renew my VISA, I was searched physically when coming back. That has never happened to me before. I doubt if anyone would search me leaving for I will have a few gifts for relatives but that is about it. It costs a lot to bring things into Korea but not to take things out.

The excitement is building regarding leaving Korea but also a sense of sadness for Korea has been very good for me. I hope I have been good for Korea too.

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