Saturday, November 20, 2010


I have a Facebook account and love connecting with people I haven't seen for a long time. Sometimes, I get readers from these blogs and other writing that I do and people I met here in in Korea. I have had a wonderful time with it. Then I got a request to be my friend from someone named Lady Godiva. I chuckled to myself because the only Lady Godiva I know is my cat who is home in California. I wonder who would call themselves Godiva and I go into her Facebook account and see a picture of my cat looking back at me. I was astonished. I go ahead and push the button that I agree to be her friend.

Then a minute later another request pops up from someone else named Mary Russell. Oh, oh, I said to myself. That is the other cat and sure enough when I go into that account I see my cat's picture looking at me. So, I push the button that she can be my friend and before I can send a message to someone at my house, the dog is asking to be my friend. I am laughing so hard my stomach is hurting.

They all have profile pages, picture albums and the like. I send a message to Lady Godiva asking her how she got her paws on the keys and I got back: "Meow, meow, meow and meow."
I look at the live chat page and see that my son is on line and the "aha" reaction kicks in. I really thought it was my son's partner or my grandson.

Again, I am laughing and it is so much fun. It can be sad too when you find out the reason why someone is not corresponding to you anymore. They could have at least sent you an email that told you they died: "I am sorry I am allowed to use the computer only once here at St. Peter's Gate. I am no longer alive, dear friends and family. Computers and the Internet are allowed only in Hell. See you when you get here." WTF????

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