Friday, November 5, 2010


I got up when there was enough light that I could see the clock. I love these days when I could do that. I did buy a clock that does not have a jaw jarring sound to wake you up with it. It has a pleasant song each time you use it and it is not the same song each time. I did not know that when I bought it here in Korea. I bought it because I could tap the top button and it would light up and show me the time during the night.

I was cold so I turned on the floor. Here in Korea, the heat comes through the floor which is nice. I opened the sliding doors which leads to the small laundry room which also has the only windows of my small studio apartment. It is foggy out there so thick that I cannot see the tall and imposing apartment buildings next door. It is a good thing I did not want to go anywhere because it would be dangerous to walk anywhere especially with Korean drivers who don't obey lights or observe crosswalks even when there is no fog.

In a way, it was beautiful to see the autumn colored trees just outlined in the fog that run along the small road and fence just below my window. Yesterday, there was a truck lifting some railroad ties up into the area above the soccer field that the corporation next door maintains for its employees. They also re-marked the lines so I am guessing they are playing some games this weekend. They have cement bleachers for those who come out to watch. In and around the area are wonderful gardens. The man who sweeps and trims the bushes had put his cart aside so he could help.

It has been a while since it has rained. There for a while it was raining every day. Now, the sky is clear for the most part except the thin white clouds which is now on the ground giving us all fog. The trees are all different colors of yellow, gold, red and there are some flowers here and there with some stubborn red roses along the road on the fence. Korea is breathtakingly beautiful in the fall.

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