Thursday, November 18, 2010


Someone wanted to help me out because I can't view many programs and websites from the United States and gave me a software program that was supposed to help me do that. It was the software from Hell. It took over my computer. I still don't have all of the evidence off my computer and I did go to the part where you take programs off officially. That was only the start. I am looking at a tool bar that is still in place on my Mozilla Firefox that I can't get off. Luckily, it is not doing anything. It took me hours to get all of my regular programs back such as my Google home page and this morning I finally got the English version. Yesterday, all I could get was the Korean version.

It didn't work all that well. I saw one episode of Saturday Night Live off of HULU when the program stopped working. I really wanted to watch PBS Masterpiece Theater but that never worked there. I will just have to wait. I wanted to watch the new Sherlock Holmes serial on that series. Oh well, I will be home soon.

I can watch Front Line and NewsHour and that is pretty important. I think the PBS NewsHour is the best balanced news anywhere. I can watch them without difficulty. I watch MSNBC for opinion news which I think is important as long as there are real facts there and I think MSNBC does a credible job. When things get me down and I think everything is going to Hell, then I watch Jon Stewart and the Daily Show and Stephen Colbert. On Sundays and Mondays, I don't watch anything except some videos from the New York Times.

The one thing I have not missed is a television set. I have not had one since coming to Korea. Cable in Korea does include some English channels such as CNN. There are movies in English with Korean subtitles. There was a time I did not think I could live without a TV. I have known other people like that as well. One friend used her TV Guide as a calender. She put her appointments among announcements for programs.

I have a small apartment, one room with a kitchen. The computer is an important part of my life here in Korea. It is how I keep in contact with my relatives and the world. I have had the same email address for years. That is how a friend who was in Korea on assignment knew how to contact me. He sent me an email. Having that stupid program hijack my computer really scared me. In the past, I would have asked one of my sons to help me put it right. I can't do that here in Korea. I have to handle all of my emergencies to some extent. I am less prone to trust such programs again.

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