Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I was reading about how some writers get inspiration from other writers and that is true in part. I thought about inspiration. This might sound trite, but I get inspired when I just wake up in the morning and I am still among the living. I have had cancer enough times that I don't even know the exact number anymore. I have had surgery and lost enough parts to make up another human being. I have one of everything now when there was a choice to have two. I am grateful my body can exist using just half of what I was allowed to have at birth.

I am also 65 years of age soon to turn 66. I can't believe I have lived this long. The other day I was having lunch with some ladies and we were comparing our palms and lifelines. I looked at my palm to see if my lifeline showed if I am going to have a long life or not until I remembered I already know I will live a long time. I am there already. I felt a bit silly.

My health has improved since coming to Korea, but nothing will turn the clock backwards. I remember being in my late teens and hearing about the shooting of President Kennedy. I thought, in my ignorance, that if those doctors at that Dallas Hospital really wanted to save the president they could. Of course, they couldn't. None of us can live forever and many of us towards the end of our life don't really want to anyway. I know my mother and father didn't. They didn't want to live with all of the pain and discomfort they had at the time. I feel great now. I don't seem to have any health issues, but nothing lasts forever. This morning, I made it and I am alive. I feel inspired.

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